Further Q&A's Before you book… 

Q: What hours will you operate? 

A: 9am up to 4pm and offer a late pick up at 5:00pm at an extra cost of £5.00 


Q: Where will you go if it rains? 

A: We head to Clissold House but mainly the Stoke Newington Library as this is our closest point. 


Q: Special outings to places like where? 

A: Mini Golf, Bumper Cars- South Bank, Little Angel Theatre, bowling etc. Parents usually get a schedule a week in advance.  


Q: What is the actual minimum staff-to-child ratio? 

A: 1 adult to 8 students while we still have our junior assistants to help contribute in the management of the children.  


Q: Will your camp leaders have official qualifications, such as Level 2 NVQ in Playworker, and first aid certificates? 

A: Fully experienced with years of working with children, while certifications when required i.e. DBS, First Aid etc. 


Q: Will I need to provide a packed lunch, snacks and water? 

A: Yes please, each day!  


Q: Is there a discount for booking a whole week at a time? 

A: Not at this time as we must work with getting the most affordable cost for the parents while incorporating the activities which at times can be pricy. 


Q: Which school holidays will you cover - only the warm-weather ones? 

A: We cover from the Easter break up to the October Break. 


Q: Are you Ofsted registered?

A: Currently not at the moment but hopefully soon.


Q: Do we accept childcare vouchers?

A: Currently No!