RuthExplorers started as a day camp on a "teacher's strike day" when parents got stuck for childcare. I stepped in and helped to cover this last-minute emergency for the parents of the class - that my child attended at the time. The service provided worked out so well for both the parents and the children, the kids had a ball while being safe, secure and engaged fully on that day. And that was it! RuthExplorers was born moving forward... I continued to cover each holiday breaks to date.


We cover breaks during: the Easter, the May break, the summer and the October break, which we have truly enjoyed working with the children.  




Our camp has a designated Child Safety Officer who is vetted through the Disclosure and Barring Service to reaffirm their suitability for working with children. We never dip below the minimum staff-to-child ratio, in accordance with the 2004 Children Act.  We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Nothing is more important to us than peace of mind for the parents we serve. Acting in loco parentis, we apply the same standards of care and safety that any parent would expect.




Our camp is "open access" - which means making use of all the open and free spaces or resources available to Hackney's children, i.e. the parks, libraries and workshops etc... while making connections where parents can't, be it because of their time or work commitments. Therefore, RuthExplorers steps in becoming the facilitator. Our base is at Clissold Park, N16 where we will continue to be of great service to parents over the school holidays to create a safe, secure and fun-filled environment that makes the holiday period extra special for our children.




Our Camp Director and their assistants are supported by an enthusiastic team of Camp Leaders and Group Assistants, who collectively create the unique team spirit within our camps. We have a mixture of Teaching Assistants and parent tutors attached to one of the local schools in Hackney that operate our camp.